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Nanded & Bidar - A Sikh Pilgrimage
Nanded and Bidar both have incredible history. Bidar especially is home to a majestic Fort. But this trip we made was to Sikh pilgrimage centers. Bidar is home to Nanak Jhira Gurudwara, where it is said that the first Guru of Sikhism performed a miracle. In a land parched without water, Guru Nanak created a spring of pure water by the hill side. At Nanded, the Hazur Sahib Gurudwara is said to be located at the place where the last Sikh Guru left earth for his heavenly abode. Both these places are among the most holy places for Sikhs. When my parents decided to come visit me in Hyderabad, we considered a one day road trip to both these places. It was a drive of almost 600 kms in a day, and seemed doable. Especially considering I had once previously driven 930 km in a single day (Mount Abu to Mumbai). We eventually decided to hire a self-drive car from www.carzonrent.com and to make this trip happen. Needless to say, the planning was flawed, which we learned about as we drove along on this trip. Don't get me wrong, this trip was amazing and we enjoyed it immensely. However, we didn't really plan it too well. We started off at 6:00 AM on 4th April, 2015 and went to the carzonrent garage at Jubilee Hills to pick up the car. The process took over 20-30 minutes, so keep that buffer time in mind when you take a self-drive car. Eventually, after checking the car and the papers, we left. However, we decided to grab a quick breakfast before leaving as it was already 7:00 AM and it didn't make sense to leave when feeling hungry. When we finally left at 7:50 AM, the sun was up and we were off. Almost immediately, we realized that the roads weren't going to be kind to us. The entire route was on State Highways which were two lane highways with no road dividers or markings. This slowed us down considerably. Bidar is located at Karnataka, and we were told that we may have to pay Road Tax as we entered each state. However, we were never asked to pay anything anywhere (Except apart from the normal Road Tolls). Thanks to Google Maps, we finally got to the Nanak Jhira Gurudwara at 10:15 AM. The idea was to do our darshan quickly and leave for Nanded. However, these things take time, and we finally left by only 11:45 AM.
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